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Interested in buying your summer home away from home?

At the ABA Real Estate Agency, we provide you with a large selection of apartments and houses for sale in  Lignano Sabbiadoro. Not only do we have a wide array of properties for sale, but we also take great pride in the very competitive prices we are able to offer: prices that are tailor-made just for you.

Allow us to be of assistance every step of the way when it comes to your first or next investment in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

2-Bedroom Penthouse

Lignano Sabbiadoro

€ 600,000.00

 2  2  250m

3-Bedroom Penthouse

Lignano Sabbiadoro

€ 500,000.00


4-Bedroom Villa

Lignano Sabbiadoro



2-Bedroom Apartment

Lignano Sabbiadoro

€ 165,000.00


4-Room Apartment

Lignano Sabbiadoro

€ 140,000.00

2 0m

3-Bedroom Apartment

Lignano Sabbiadoro

€ 135,000.00


3-Room Apartment

Lignano Sabbiadoro

€ 220,000.00

1   250m

2-Room Apartment

Lignano Sabbiadoro

€ 100,000.00

 1  0m

2-Room Apartment

Lignano Sabbiadoro

€ 115,000.00

 1  1  0

Corner Shop

Lignano Pineta(Center)

€ 55,000.00


2-Room Apartment


€ 85,000.00

1 100m

2 Bedroom Penthouse with Large Terraces

3 Bedroom Penthouse with Balcony

4 Bedroom Villa Lungolaguna

2 Bedroom Apartment on 2 Floors

4 Room Apartment in Residential Area

3 Bedroom Apartment on 2 Floors in Residential Area

3 Room Apartment in Residential Area

2 Room Apartment Close to the Sea

2 Rooms Apartment - Near Beach